The Difference Between Whey Protein Vs Mass Gainer


This is a very common question and confusing topic because people ask that over and over again that what is the difference between Whey Protein vs Mass Gainer. I am going to reveal all the reality between these two which one should you pick? I hope after this, your all confusion makes it clear.

As far as the gainer and protein are concerned, there is a huge difference in calories obtained from each. , It is loaded with sugar, carbs, fats, and a lot of other preservatives, which are very cheap items and everywhere available.

Like when you take a standard whey protein, it contains around 100-150 calories per-severing, on the other hand, one serving of a mass gainer gives 1250-1500 calories which are quite high, and it is not considered fat gainer rather than mass gainer.

As a matter of fact, whey protein is perceived the purest form of protein, fast digestive protein, and helps an average gym-goer to lower down weight and burn fat. Also, mass gainer protein bioavailability is low and below 70. This means we’re paying only for sugar, carbs, and fats. How sad, isn’t it?

Simply, I would like to tell you that you can use a mass gainer supplement for one purpose. If you just need to gain weight and don’t care for the body, then you can think of it.

Moreover, if you want to gain good muscle mass, don’t run after Mass Gainer, gainer really not gonna help you to get lean physic.

However, in order to get good physic, all other factors matter a lot like your proper nutrition, weight training, and proper rest. Keep in mind, one thing cannot work alone for sure.

If you go to the gym on a regular basis, you perhaps know all about whey protein. Still, you know how good or bad is for you, you include it in your diet without knowing the facts, and some of you may have experienced how helped you gain muscle.

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One day, you see in a gym a very bulky guy, taking mass gainer for massive gaining, and they forget, they are only paying for carbs and sugar, but you can easily make it at home without adding other cheap stuff, which is included in gainer.

Let’s know a bit more detailed-

What Is Mass Gainer?

In fact, a mass gainer is considered a nutrition supplement like whey protein. As I’ve mentioned above, the only difference is that a mass gainer is rich in fats, carbs, sugar, and low in protein.

Moreover, in a mass gainer, the ratio of protein and carbs are mainly around 2:1 or 3:1 and many at times 5:1 or 4 like serious mass gainer. But that amount of calories at a time is not a good thing for beginners, the body won’t be able to digest it. So, it would be better to stick to your natural protein sources for 6 months to 1 year and let the body flow.

After that, see yourself where you stand for, otherwise, follow this diet plan to how to build muscle. This you will gain pure 1 pound muscles in a week by following properly with your workout.

Calories Difference Whey Protein Vs Gainer

I am going to take a calorie example below between 100% Whey Gold Standard and Serious in order to make it much clear how much difference is between protein vs gainer. as a matter of fact, gainers have a lot amount of calories but the protein amount is less, we need to build lean muscles not fat. See the chart below.

The Difference Between Whey Protein Vs Mass Gainer 1

As you see can see in the chat, it might be slightly blurred. No problem, still, you can see just to better understand what is the real difference between whey protein vs mass gainer. Even though some mass gainer or weight gainer contains creatine as well.

Which One Should You Choose?

So, guys, it completely depends on your goal of choosing whey protein vs mass gainer. There are 3 categories. Let’s have a look at:-

1. Lean and Athletic Body

If you want to look good without clothes, I would say, don’t buy them and stay from any mass gainers or weight gainers.

When it comes to mass gainer, it will crush your all dreams of getting a lean and athletic body. Due to high calories in mass gainers, it creates a hurdle to get a proper definition.

Make sure, choose whey protein isolate powder rather than mass gainer that could be the best option because it has a good amount of protein ratio, fats, and carbs, which will surely help you get a good and aesthetic look.

2. Dirty Bulk and Weight Bulk

Most of the people are very thin and lean, can’t gain weight even if they want to gain. Even they eat proper food and take nutrition, nevertheless, they remain skinny. So, those people can think about it to give a quick start initially. Moreover, you may have noticed that some people gain dirty bulking. They just want to look bulky that’s it.

3. Bodybuilding

Like if your goal is to build lean muscles, Obviously, you need enough protein and other healthy carbs and fats for building lean muscles.

To know more about the effects of protein on muscle mass and strength read this study. As you already know that mass gainer contains high sugar and carbs, which will surely spike your insulin resulting in fat storage.


In fact, Whey Protein vs Mass Gainer has its own benefits.  However, first, you have to decide for yourself what is your goal and dream.

As I mentioned above, if you are too skinny, not able to gain weight after following all the necessary things, and want to gain weight quickly, then it can help you gain weight quicker than whey protein.

However, if you don’t do any physical activity, then it will increase fat% not muscle. Obliviously, you don’t wanna gain fat.

In the end, if you planning to buy a gainer, first up, check up your body structure that is it too lean genetically? or you are endomorph ( low BMR, more fat as compared to bones and muscles). Then you can consider taking gainer initially then switch to whey protein only.

NOTE: Before going straight away to buy a gainer, first follow proper nutrition after calculating your maintenance calories. Here you can calculate your maintenance calories with an online calculator, then you check out where you stand after following proper nutrition, workout, consistency, and rest, then take further steps.


  1. Does why protein increase mass?

    Yes, definitely, why protein helps increase your muscle mass because a large number of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly by the body result in an increase in muscle mass.

  2. Will Mass Gainer Help me gain weight?

    Basically, these gainers are very high in protein, fats, and carbohydrates and it contains large amounts of protein and carbohydrates even fat too. So, these can help you gain weight fast but in a bulky way, not a lean way.

  3. How can a skinny guy gain weight fast?

     If you don’t want to go with any gainers supplement, you’ve to eat more calories than your maintenance calories in order to gain weight fast.

This was all about“Whey protein vs Mass Gainer“. How was it? do comment and share your thoughts, still, you’ve any questions feel free to ask and share with your friends and colleges. Sharing is caring 🙂

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