Xtrim Dura Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar India 4 Grip Positions 2021

Key Features of the Xtrim Dura Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 

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  • Comes with solid steel mountable bar
  • Max Load 140 Kg- Free
  • Ultra-strong for strenuous workouts
  • Very compact and space saving design
  • Multiple Grip Positions
  • Comes with band-assisted chin-ups to hanging leg raise
  • Best for shoulder, chest, arms, back, push-ups, chin-ups, triceps, biceps, crunches, lats, and abs

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New Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar India Review

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar India

This a newly launched wall mounted pull bar India that is going to be the best for Gym lovers, especially for those who are doing their workout at home during this Covid19 pandemic.

This premium unisex Xtrim dura wall mounted pull bar is built with ultra-strong for strenuous workouts. Also, when it comes to its design, it gives you rigid solid precision engineered for easy home installation.

In a way, wall-mountable is a complete, safe, compact, and space-saving design that allows you to install it anywhere at home without any hassle. It comes with multiple grip positions including natural grip ups, wide grip ups, and narrow girl ups to assist you in various upper body exercises.

If you are wondering to make your upper body stronger, this can be the best for you as you can perform various exercises with this like push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches, even perfect for working out your chest, shoulder, back, chest, triceps, biceps, lats, abs, and crunches.


This Wall Mounted Pull up Bar India/Chin-ups bar helps you to perform pull-ups safely and easily. Also, pull-ups and chin-ups are one of the prime exercises that must be a part of everyone’s exercises routine, especially if you are going to strengthen your back.

Note – Before you use it, ensure that the rod is firmly stable, tightened, and carefully test it whether it can support your weight properly.