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Best body massagers in India best full-body massager – A body massager basically is a machine that you can use to massage your body and it is very easy to carry and a great appliance to provide you relaxation after a long day of work.

Due to busy lives, people usually forget to take good care of their bodies and health and get involved in unhealthy lifestyles and habits and these habits often can cause problems in several joints of the body like the back, neck, ankles, knees, etc.

However, there are different massagers in the market foot massager, Leg massagers, or Face massagers, and these days massage therapy has kind of become a part of human life.

Before you get into the list of the best 5 body massagers in India to buy online read

Advantages of a Body Massager

If you are planning to buy a massager and want to know that each factor, here are some advantages you must read before you make your distance.

  • The massager not only helps you relieve muscle pain but also facilitates better blood circulation.
  • If you make use of handled massagers, there is a greater probability of relaxing the muscles.
  • People who face pain in a certain area and when it is not treated properly spreads to the other affected area too. However, targeting a specific area is generally not possible for other ways of treatment but a massager is specifically designed to treat several types of pain in muscles with the help of specific pressure points.
  • If you make use of a massager on a regular basis, you can improve your sleep pattern this occurs because of the relaxing effect, and it is recommended to use it for around 15-20 minutes in order to relax your stress, body, and provide you quick relief from headache, anxiety as well.
  • A massager also helps subside lower back-related problems. They usually stimulate blood circulation and the spine receives sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Using a massager refers to the texture of the skin. So, if you begin using a massager, you will promote the skin’s look because of the effect of stimulating blood circulation under the skin which makes your skin look better.

Disadvantages of a Body Massager

There are some disadvantages you should look through before you purchase.

  • If you are struggling with serious health issues, so, this could not be the permanent solution. In fact, massagers usually provide you a quick relief only that can be helpful for sudden muscle pulls or cramps.
  • Massagers are mainly electric and therefore if you use these on sensitive areas of the body, like the throat or neck, it can cause a number of additional problems.
  • Basically, electric massagers are sometimes rather difficult to maintain which is why people actually buy them and keep them looking somewhere inside a box, instead of using them on a regular basis. Some might use it once or never after that.
  • Heals all kinds of pain nerve tension and chronic pain which means one solution for all kinds of pains.

Best Body Massager Machine In India List

Top 5 Best Body Massager Machines In India Reviews 2023

1. Ultracare Pro Pain Relief Massager

 Best Body Massagers In India

When it comes to Ultracare Pro is one of the best brands in manufacturing body massagers, particularly for pain relief. In fact, SONICTENS is developed with unique technology by combing two therapy – Ultrasound (US) and Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

Basically, ultrasound therapy simply uses therapeutic ultrasonic waves that penetrate into the skin & stimulate tissues by increasing blood circulation to give relief from the pain.

On the other hand, the TENS uses electronic current to relieve pain, so these two effective technologies are combined, they work to promote the levels of endorphin (the body’s natural painkiller) and heal your pain.

Also, it naturally heals your lower and upper back pain, muscle atrophy, strains and spasms, post-operative recovery, hip pain, lumbar pain, bursitis, piriformis syndrome, pain from herniated discs, and damage due to hip fracture or hip dislocation.

It is a very compact and user-friendly device that can be operated easily, comfortably, and conveniently. It begins messaging the affected area equally to get relief from the pain when relaxing simultaneously.

Most importantly, the SONICTENS is specifically designed to treat muscular or nerves and it proved itself with 91% of effectiveness after conducting several clinical trials.

This is a very lightweight product about 235g that is very convenient to use daily and its sleek design is constructed in this way it executes both technologies in it.

Due to lightweight no weight is experienced on the muscles or the skin and by which post-therapy sensation or pain is eliminated.

In fact, this unit comes with a sonic device, lead wire, ultracool pack, 1 electrode placement chart, quick start user guide, ac power adapter, nature cure ultrasound gel, institution manual, carrying pouch, and re-usable self-adhesive electrode pad.

What we liked
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Autopower Shutoff
  • Body Sending Technology
  • FDA & CE Approved
  • Overheating Protection
  • For Clinical & Home Use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3 Modes of Operation
  • Easy to Operate
What we didn’t like
  • A Bit Pricy
  • Need to Improve Body Sensing Feature
  • Only Work On Electric Power

2. Dr. Trust Physio Electric Full Body Massager

full body massager machine

This is another best product on our top list. Dr. Physio Electric Full Body the USA massager is affordable and has several excellent functionalities and satisfying features.

You no need to spend thousands of rupees on spa massage services & those costly massage systems and this electric massager helps you allow perform the process yourself, just by switching it on.

Also, it comes with 4 strong massaging heads and it is a perfect handy tool to give you relief with these 4 massaging heads including-

  • Rolling Head – It helps you with a deep tissue massage and soothing. your body.
  • Wave Head – It helps you eliminate muscle fatigue with a softer feeling.
  • Scraping Head – Massage the body with a scrapping effect.
  • Dead Skin Removal – It helps you remove dead skin with gentle scrubbing.

However, with these massaging heads, you can interchange without any problem. According to some users and experts, massaging regularly with the help of this device has also shown to burn body fat if you follow with proper diet.

Along with that, its strong motor feature makes it a great investment and it is equipped with an ergonomically designed light-weighted motor that makes it easy to take anywhere you want.

Also, there is another feature proactive fabric coverage which is quite easy to unzip during the cleaning process and possible to replace with a new cover.

Moreover, it also acts as a head massager just by removing the proactive cover & rotating it anti-clockwise. This can help improve blood circulation in the scalp and prevent hair damage.

It also helps deal with digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, sports injuries, stress, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, etc.

Apart from all the great functionalities and features, the product comes with a 1-year warranty as well as you will get a free digital thermometer.

Pro Tip – If your massager is not in use, don’t leave it open without a cover as it can get damaged readily.

What we liked
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Full Body Massager
  • 4 Massaging Heads
  • Offers A Digital Thermometer
  • Stong Motor
  • Helps Reduce Fat
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Ergonomic Design Body Massager
  • Can Help You Massage Foot, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Neck, Waist
What we didn’t like
  • Small Power Cord
  • Short-Handle

3. HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Percussion Electric Body Massager

cheap body massager india

HealthSense is considered for superior performance and quality. When it comes to their other products of the range, the functionality & performance of HM 210 toner are really great.

This percussion handheld body massager comes very light-weight, which makes it to use for a long time. Also, it is good to use on the waist, neck, buttocks, arm, hips, thighs, calf, feet, and shoulder.

Moreover, it can be helpful for head massage and weight reduction. When you are going to head massage, ensure that remove the protective mesh cover in order to avoid hair entanglement.

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Percussion comes with 4 different replaceable massaging heads including:-

  • Ball Massage Head – Useful for muscle toning and deep massage.
  • Flat Massage Head – Suitable for decompression and weight loss.
  • Micro Fiber Massage Head – Helps remove callus from feet and dead skin.
  • Wavy Massage Head – Helpful to provide deep tissue massager and acupuncture which boosts blood circulation.

Its heavy-duty copper motor is better to provide prolonged motor life, superior performance, energy efficiency, firm grip, and ergonomic design becomes it very easy to reach difficult areas without any additional assistance.

It’s also been designed with premium quality, skin-friendly ABS plastic, and TPR material which is the reason for its study build and heat resistance.

What we liked
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Speed Regulator Knob
  • Powerful Copper Motor
  • High-Grade ABC Material
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Durable and Portable
  • Elongated Cord
  • Long Working Life
  • Red LED
What we didn’t like
  • No Major Cons Except a Bit Noisy
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4. Lifelong LLM27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Top 5 Best Body Massager Machines In India 2023 | Review And Buying Guides 2

This is another renowned product presented by the Lifelong brand, which is considered for excellent quality, incomparable design, and superior performance products. One of them is LLM27.

This LifeLong Body Massager helps improve blood circulation and strength. and deep massage for the whole body. It is also useful for relieving pain from the back and shoulder.

It works on almost all body parts including the arms, shoulder, neck, thigh, lower leg abdomen, and waist, and gives you body relaxation using a simple process.

The electric body massager comes with 3 changeable massage head that provides you with different massage effects at different speed settings in order to feel like a spa experience at your home and help tone hips, thighs, buttocks, chest, and stomach.

This means Lifelong could be the one-stop solution for all those who are working on their body pain and want a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

Also, Lifelong LLM27 Body Massager not only helps in relieving tension, pain, and full-body relaxation but also soothes and relaxes aching muscles that are the result of sitting and prolonged standing.

As well as, the compact design of the massager can be carried with you while you are at the home, office, or while traveling. You can use it anytime to relax your muscles, restore vitality, vigor, and relieve pressure.

What we liked
  • 3 Changeable Massage Heads for 3 Different Massager Effect
  • Portable & Easy to Use
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Unmatchable Design
  • Superior Performance
  • Relieves Pain & Relaxes Body
  • Cheap & Affordable
What we didn’t like
  • You May Feel Heavy Weight

5. JSB 03 Cervical Neck Massager with Powerful Vibration

Top 5 Best Body Massager Machines In India 2023 | Review And Buying Guides 3

JSB 03 Body Massager for pain relief with powerful vibration that has been designed with a therapeutic approach and helps provide a soothing effect, aches in the body, and relieve pain.

This pain relief massager can be used for neck massage, foot massage, back massage, and other muscular pains. This slimming massager comes with a non-slip rubber grip and intensity control.

Also, the dual-head design of the massager helps allow users to relieve a wide range of massages and motion. This comes with 6 attachments (heads) that simply provide several types of massager as per requirement.

Keep in Mind– Never use this massager on joints and bones

What we liked
  • 1 Year JSB National Warranty
  • Dual Head Design
  • Non-Slip Grip for Better Handling
  • 6 Different Massage Heads
  • Massage Intensity Controller
What we didn’t like
  • Poweful Vibratory Massage Might Not Be Suitable For Some

Buying Guide For Best Body Massagers (Things To Consider Before You Buy)

There are noticeable things you should consider while buying this device since each model has diverse functions and features according to the different needs of the users.

Below, we have categorized each and every aspect of the product to help you buy a perfect body foot massager in India.

1. Shape

You should check the shape after you select the type of massage for you. The shape simply describes the exact use of the product.

The best option you can choose from is the several options that are ergonomic design and good shape is built to amplify the flexibility of use.

Also, make sure the handle of your massager is big enough to reach the area below the shoulder, which can be difficult when you get it with small handles.

2. Types of Massage Modes

Whenever you select the product and look at the description of a body massager or talk to a salesman, you will get to see a number of terms that are used most often, which shows the specific modes on which the massager operates.

Let’s look through common modes that you are going to see every time you buy them.

A) Infrared Massagers

Infrared Massagers

For those who are suffering from muscle pull or crams more often than normal time, you can go with infrared massagers.

In fact, these types of massagers come in a variety of sizes and shapes but they use the same infrared way of treating the body in order to provide you an instant sense of relief.

The process infrared massager use is called infrared heat provides an effect that is warm and nice to the muscles and affected area you choose to apply.

The heat gets absorbed deep in your body and results in, helping you properly increase blood flow.

B) Vibrating Massagers

If you are planning to buy a handheld massager, most of them have vibrating modes. These hand-held massagers are quite compact handy, and easy to store even in a small place.

When it comes to handheld massagers have a motor that vibrates and provides you the vibrating massage effect by which it shakes muscles of the area you apply it on and helps improve blood circulation and get rid of any kind of discomfort or cramps

c) Acupressure Massagers

Basically, acupressure is based on the same principles as acupuncture to promote wellness and relaxation by physical pressure to acupuncture points to fix any kind of blockage.

It is also based on the concept of life energy that is considered to flow within the meridians in one’s body.

In addition, the acupressure massagers particularly aim at the pressure points that are present in the foot as it’s been referred to as the part of your body that has all the body’s nerve ending.

3. Massage Heads

There are many companies coming with products that can provide you with more than one type of massage and this is

Massage heads determine the core functionality of the massagers. which can be altered accordingly. So, it will always be to the best of your satisfaction and interest.

So, when you are going to get a massager for you, go with two or three changeable heads that will help you change the type of massage.

4. Massager Weight

The weight of a massager plays directly or indirectly a role in terms of its ability to use. When you get a strong build product generally is heavy because of using the extra weighted materials.

This is fine for the sake of other products, but not for a massager because massagers you have to carry when using and any extra weight will take your massager time down.

In fact, you can find it difficult to continue your session for a longer time. So, ensure that you go with a lightweight and at the same time a strong build body.

5. Warranty

In fact, warrant policies can differ for each product and it is just because of the different configurations of different brands. However, if you buy products from renowned brands, they usually come with a certain period of warranty.

On the other hand, local brands are not provided with any warranty. That is the reason it is always recommended you get a product which comes with a certain warranty.

Mostly, you will find 1 year of replacement warranty by the manufacturer.

6. Ease of operation

This is yet another crucial factor to consider as you are already suffering from pain and any excess of operational difficulty cannot make things better, instead of worsening.

Ease of operation can be included like its button, quick movement, quick access, etc. Therefore, you have to choose a product that best fits your hands, as well as easy to carry, and specifically moves across the body.


1. Is vibration good for your feet?

Basically, vibration therapy can help stretch, massage, and strengthen muscles in the foot. Also, involuntary muscle contractions will also aid you to build weak muscles in the legs.

2. What are the benefits of a full body massage?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to full body massage some of them are-

1. If you are having pain in different parts of the body, massage helps subside it.

2. It helps reduce stress and gives you a feeling of relaxation.

3. It also helps improve your body’s flexibility

4. It boosts your mood and you feel much calmer and relaxed.

5. Massage improves blood circulation

3. How often can you use a foot massager?

You can simply use a massager many times a day, and we don’t recommend using the body massager over one particular area for more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, if it is being moved around, it is about 30 minutes, so the foot massagers may be used up to 30 minutes at a time.

4. Do massagers help with back pain?

The back is the most affected area. The issue doesn’t raise directly at the back since they are generally linked to the neck as well as the shoulder. So, if you use a massager on a regular basis or gentle massage on the affected area, you will get some relief. If you avoid these areas, you can have to face a number of complications. That is why it is advised to take all the necessary steps and select the perfect body massager or consult your doctor if the problem has already out of control.

5. What are the benefits of heat therapy?

Heat therapy is commonly to relax the body and muscles of people who have a hectic lifestyle and stressful jobs. It is always the best recommendation for stress release as they effectively treat stiffness & other kinds of cramping, it provides this heating function, which feels very good and it helps warm up your entire body. The beauty of this therapy helps with soreness, painful muscles, muscle knots, and lower back pain.

6. Who can use a massager?

Everyone can use a massager from small children to adults. However, there are some conditions where massage therapy is not suitable. For that matter, you will have to consult your doctor. Also, for every young child, especially infants you should take of care how you do massage, otherwise, it may mess with their bones and joints.

7. Who should not use a massager?

You need to take proper care while performing massaging on your body parts & there are certain situations you should use a body massager.

1. If you are already suffering from paralyzed muscles, in that case, you should not use a body massager over that part. If you continue massaging over that part may cause adverse effects on your body parts along it could inhibit blood circulation too.

2. If you are recovering from some wounds caused due to burning or an accident, you should avoid using a body massager since it can amplify burn & cause you more pain.

3. Pregnant Women generally perform body massages just to relieve anxiety and pain but you should consider it while performing. If massage is not done properly, then it can cause a miscarriage of the baby and uncomfortable stretching of the uterus ligaments.


Out of all the body massagers, our choice is Ultracare Pro Pain Relief Massager because this massager makes use of both TENS and ultrasound in order to provide effective relief from all types of soreness and body pains.

Also, SONICTENS comes with 3 different modes to relieve pain, low for acute, medium for moderate, and high for chronic pain. You have to simply adjust and use it according to the intensity area of the pain.

You can also consider Dr. Trust Physio Electric Full Body Massager if you need more message styles and are budget-friendly.

That’s all about the 5 Best Body Massagers In India

Still, if you need any help related to this, you can feel free to write it down in the comment below. We will try our best to reply to you soon. Also, don’t forget to rate this post.

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